We’ve added a new feature which will allow you to get your creative juices flowing! It’s called the “Search/lookup field” and it’s available for both staff and children. You can enter any text or numbers you’d like. We’ve come up with a few ways you can use it, if you think of more, let us know!

Attendance Tool and New App!

The main reason we added this new feature was to pair with our new KidGenius Attendance Tool that was released in the Apple App Store today (PS It’s free)!! It is designed for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. You can use it as a check in and out tool at the front door of your centre. Families pick their own unique ID number or word and you add it to their kids account(s). When they come to check in, they enter the number or word and can check in/out their children. You can also use it for staff check in/out!

Attendance App

Getting Creative!

The possibilities for the new field are endless. Here are a few examples of what you can use it for! We even included little animations below to see it in action. You’ll find the search box on the left hand menu of both the children and staff pages.

Birthday Of The Month

You can add the birth month of each child to their search/lookup field. Then all you have to do to find out who has birthday each month is to search for that month!

Who Has A Birthday This Month?

Internal IDs

If you have internal ID numbers you use for children and staff, you can insert them into the new field. A quick search in KidGenius brings them right up!

Intenal ID Numbers

Parent Names

Can’t remember the child’s name, but you can remember their parents name? Just put the parent names in the search field for each child!

Parent Names

Special Diets

Want to keep track of how many special diets you have at your site? Just enter them into the new field and then you can easily search by them. You can also use this for personal tagging - get creative!

Special Diets or Allergies

Use More Than One!!!

You aren’t limited to one word or number either!!! You can use more than one in the search field. Just put spaces between them. When you search, KidGenius will find it! The animation below shows us entering the fields on the child profile page.

Multiple Phrases For 1 Child

Where Can I Find This New Field!?!?

You can add/edit the new field in both the child and staff profile pages. See below for an example.

Search Field

Full Demo

Here is a full demo of us searching for kids that come in early in the morning. We added the word ‘early’ to their search field. Once we search for this word, it will show us only these kids.

Full Demo In Action

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