Books are so important to child development. They help them learn, speak and listen. Books can even help with daycare! We’ve found the top 5 books that can help your child care centre right now!

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Book #5 - Hands Are Not For Hitting by Martine Agassi $11

Hopefully you don’t need this book, but if you do, it’ll be a great resource to have! Written for even the youngest of toddlers, the lessons here should help prevent violence between children. Check it out on Amazon!

Hands Are Not For Hitting

Book #4 - Clean-Up Time by Elizabeth Verdick $11

This is our second book on our list by Elizabeth Verdick! This book should inspire the kiddo’s to help when it is time to clean up! Always a tough task! Click here to check out the book on Amazon!

Clean-Up Time!

Book #3 - I Love To Go To Daycare by Shelley Admont $12

Number 3 on the list is this I Love To Go To Daycare! The book is about Jimmy the bunny, the day before he starts daycare for the first time! The great thing about this book is it comes in many languages such as Korean, Italian, German, Spanish, Tagalog, French, Mandarin, and Russian. Perfect your multi-lingual centre! Click here for the English version!

I Love To Go To Daycare!

Book #2 - Llama Llama Misses Mama by Anna Dewdney $23

The llama books by Anna Dewdney are popular for a reason - because they are so great! In this book, llama goes through a tough time missing mama. But like all good books, everything works out in the end! Click here to check out this special Llama Llama book on Amazon!

Llama Llama Misses Mama!

Book #1 - Bye-Bye Time by Elizabeth Verdick $11.95

This book is great - and that’s why it is number 1 on our list. It will help a new child transition into your centre. Plus it’s a board book, so it can stand up to your chewiest of toddlers! Click here to preview this amazing book on Amazon!

Bye-Bye Time

All the above prices are in Canadian dollars. If you are browsing from another country, Amazon should provide a redirect to your local store!

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